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Hot Drinks - Stories From The Field

Jun 10, 2022

Steve grew up in Maine & New Hampshire and was an outdoor recreation major at Plymouth State College. He completed a NOLS student semester in 1993, and the rest is history. He has been an outdoor educator professionally since 1994 for many organizations, including Plymouth State College, Barnstead Elementary School, Tioga County Community Wilderness Project, Adventures Cross Country, NOLS, Alpine Ascents, Rendezvous River Sports, USFS Forest Technician, US Park Service, and he says he is probably missing a few more. 


Steve worked for NOLS from 1997 to 2016 and has instructed rock climbing camps, backcountry rock, mountaineering, kayak/canoe/rafting, caving, hiking, canyon, Winter, Avalanche, sea kayaking, alumni, Outdoor Educator, Instructor, and many custom NOLS Professional courses over this time. He’s pretty much done it all. He has also worked in administrative roles with NOLS as a program supervisor (3-4 years) and assistant branch director at NOLS Southwest (2 years).


Currently, Steve has a small handyman business in Teton Valley and works as a Pro Ski Patrol at JHMR. Occasionally he guides paddleboarding and kayaking on the Snake River in Jackson and will most likely work a course for NOLS in 2023.


He says, “It's in my blood, and I will always be an outdoor educator.”