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Hot Drinks - Stories From The Field

Jul 21, 2022

Steve Smith has worked in the outdoor industry for over thirty years, in the field, in the office, in the board room, and in national leadership roles, specializing in program leadership, risk management, and staff training. As a teen, he took a NOLS semester course in 1991 and for Outward Bound from 1998 through to today. Since 2008 he has run a risk management consulting company, Experiential Consulting, that uniquely serves outdoor education and experiential learning programs.  

Steve is a regular speaker at national conferences such as WRMC, AEE, and Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education, among others. In addition, he served two terms as a board member for the Northwest Outward Bound School, where he continues to serve on the school's Board of Directors Safety Committee.

He also has a varied background as a classroom teacher (English) and an HR administrator in outdoor and corporate settings. He supports wildlife conservation in his free time, of which he has none.  

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